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At TinkingTechy we like to dip our STEM in paint and tinker with creative projects that feature art and design. Studies have shown that the infusion of art in STEM helps strengthen learned principles and creates a deeper interest in continued learning.

What the fudge is STEM and why should I be shoving it down my kids’ throats like broccoli? STEM, Science Technology Engineering Math, has become synonymous with Coding, Making and Tinkering. A new genre of learning where freedom to play and build is facilitated and encouraged to learn and apply STEM fundamentals. STEAM is the overlap where design, art and creativity play an integral role in making memorable and inspiring projects.

Not Another Kit Company.

Though many companies are doing a great job of giving kids tools to create and play with STEM concepts we feel that, in true Tinkerer form, it’s much more rewarding to let girls push the limits of their creativity and logic. By challenging them to use common materials, open-source coding tools and crafting supplies we’re daring them to bring their own unique visions to life. Our project prompts are rooted in the Design Process.  Encouraging them to Think, Design and Tinker to Create. In an age where kids have access to any and all information at the touch of a button we’re proud to be a bit disruptive!

Inspiring girls to tinker with their creativity & design a future in STEM!

An Artist turned designer and web developer, Virgen had experienced first-hand the tremendous underestimation of being a creative in the tech-scene. After talking to other girlfriends, colleagues and women in STEM fields she realized she wasn’t alone in feeling she’d have to choose one role over the other. “Join the boys’ club” on the lead developers, scientists or engineers team or choose the “girly girls club” of women pushed towards design, illustration or marketing professions.

Art, design, and visual creativity play a crucial role in the development of successful tech, science and engineering products and solutions. Girls ages 12 – 16 are some of the most avid tech users but have yet to flock to the idea that they could be future programmers, scientists or engineers. 

Virgen Barnet, Founder of TinkingTechy and Lead Developer, wants all girls to find their space in Creative STEM Fields.

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