Learn how to make secret code bracelets your whole squad will love!

What’s the big deal with coding?

Teachers, programmers and start-up owners are all ranting and raving about the importance of learning Code but what really is “Code” and why’s it so dang important for us to learn? Code is a language for programming (ordering a computer) to pump out awesomeness on the web, computer software, machines and other technology.

By learning the basics of language development, playing around with different combinations of characters or coding languages we can have a better understanding of how our favorite websites, apps and tech devices work. More importantly girls around the world are top users of tech but not top masters of programming -as if! Learning code with your friends, the opportunities to create, design and program some amazing tech are endless!

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What You'll Need

Colorful Beads  /  Thread or Pipe Cleaners

Design or Learn Your Own Code

Swap ideas with friends and decide which code to use. Binary? Morse? Your own creation?

Draw out a guide, also known as a key, to record your new characters and to help you decipher each other’s messages.

Choose 2-3 color beads to represent each character element. Like “Blue for 1s, Black for 0s and Clear for a space”

Come up with your fave combinations, acronyms, hashtags etc. “BFF” “SQUAD”

TinkingTechy-InstagramShare Your Creations

Take a picture of your project and post it to Instagram using #TinkingTechyDaredMe and we’ll repost!

Need Ideas? See This Month’s Tutorials:

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