TinkingTechy’s Monthly Dares

Like ‘Truth or Dare’ but with Maker Mojo.


Accept a Dare. Read, review or share it with a friend to de-code the challenge details.


Let the creative ideas flow and design, sketch or prototype solutions for the Dare.


Start tinkering with different digital or raw materials to bring your dare project to life!

TinkingTechy-InstagramTinker Together

Share your Dare project with friends and with us on social media. On Instagram share a picture of your project with #TinkingTechyDaredMe and we’ll repost it!  Challenge your friends to take the TinkingTechy Dare and see what they come up with!


Spring Dare – Fungineering Hacks

Ever wonder how inventors come up with crazy new ways to make our lives easier, faster or even healthier?  Engineering. It's not just about creating robots or twisting away at gears. Engineering is simply about using different materials to hack life's smallest to...
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