Make your own Harry Potter style wand with built-in LUMOS spell.

What You'll Need:

1 – Wooden dowel or sqewer / 2 – Pipecleaners / 1 – 3v Coin cell battery / Masking Tape / Scissors / Straw / Hot Glue, Paint, etc.



1. Strip the top and bottom ends of both pipecleaners.

2. Wrap pipecleaner end with Led pins, individually. Note which pin is the positive charge and which is wrapped with the negative pin. (Longer pin is + / Shorter pin is -)

3. Wrap pipecleaners around stick. Leaving the ends loose.

4. Press battery between wires. Test until you know which is the negative wire and which is positive. Positive should touch to positive side of your battery same for negative.

5. Tape one side of wire to the battery and wooden stick. Leaving the other side loose but free to tap on the battery to light wand on-demand.

6. Protect wires by slipping a straw over the pipecleaners. This way you can decorate, paint and hot glue your wand without worrying about messing with the wires.

DIY Lumos Wand – LED light-up wand.

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How It Works?

Simple Circuits + LEDs

A simple electric circuit is an ongoing path along which an electric current exists and/or is able to flow. A simple electrical circuit requires a power source, (like a battery), two conductingwires (these hold electricity tight and allow for it to continue to flow along a desired path), each attached to both ends and ultimately attached to an electrical component, like an LED.

There is a positive flow and a negative flow each conductive wire must lead to a match with your power source. Notice how batteries have positive and negative ends.

When the connections are made properly, the circuit will “close” and current will flow through the circuit and light the LED.

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