30 Drawing Prompts

Nature, Space & Design Themes For Drawing & Painting

Dare Challenge

Observe, Log and Draw! Science in real life drawing prompts.

Not your average drawing prompts for kids.

Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, getting out and making some fun-filled memories. We hope you’re inspired to spend some time with the Science in your real life. Every prompt is an opportunity to learn more about your neighborhood, local park and our solar system!


Swap ideas with friends and decide which idea to bring to life.

You can use whatever your favorite drawing or painting tools are. Pencils, pens, markers or watercolors. Start your first lab or dot journal and draw in there!

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Need Ideas? See This Month’s Tutorials:

Paper Fortune Teller

How It Works: Paper Fortune Teller's are a simple one-sheet Origami project. After a series of folds, fancy artwork and Q & A options you have a fun instant game for you and your friends. Based on certain questions or choices the "Fortune Teller" gets opened and...

Learn more about our upcoming Journaling course, Here.

What’s In A TinkingTechy Dare

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the process many inventors and innovators use to figure out how to go from idea to launch. Whether you’re planning to create a product, digital program or hands-on game. It’s important to consider several ideas, sketch how these might work, look and feel and eventually tinker with a live version of your idea.

Every TinkingTechy Dare is centered around the Design Thinking process. To inspire girls to think of the possibilities beyond traditional crafts, art projects or coding lessons.


In true Start-Up fashion TinkingTechy’s ‘Dares’ are modeled after Hackathons. Typically, designers, programmers and engineers gather to bring to life creative ideas or solve problems collaboratively. Hackathons usually happen over the course of a few days or a weekend to promote a highly creative and “get it launched” energy.

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