Earth Day & Marching For Science

Let’s talk about Science.

On April 22nd, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people marched at the US Capitol and around the world to defend Science. It’s pretty bananas that this is even necessary in this century. There’s a political silencing of Science currently in the United States. As we are a Science minded organization this is pretty friggin shocking. Science is real. There are groups currently who are debating the reality of Global Warming and more importantly how if at all seriously our carbon footprint is hurting the earth.

Now, we won’t go into the political who-ha of how absurd that claim is but we will take a Stand to join the March for Science and hope that you take the rest of April and the year to consider how you can make a positive impact on our planet, it’s living creatures, bodies of water and the air around us.

Rad Kids @ The March For Science!

View Images of kids who Marched for Science on April 22nd, 2017. Here – BuzzFeed News

Great day to save science! Happy Earth Day!

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TinkingTechy-InstagramDid you make a science project for your school, working on a magical fairy or fruit garden?

We’d love to see what you, your family or friends are working on this year to protect and show the Earth some love. Share a link to your project pic in the comments below. Or Share it on Instagram and tag us @tinkingtechy

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