Learn how to use basic Engineering principles to keep things LIT all of Fall!

Fill Fall With Light Vibes Only.

With Halloween right around the corner it’s the perfect time to try your hand at crafting something lit for the fall. Light up your costume, make glow-in-the-dark slime or build a prop that lights up! Learn how simple circuits work and try a project or create your own challenge to light something up!

DARE – Simple Circuit Crafting!

How to generate your own light magic!

A simple electric circuit is an ongoing path along which an electric current exists and/or is able to flow. A simple electrical circuit requires a power source, (like a battery), two conducting wires (these hold electricity tight and allow for it to continue to flow along a desired path), each attached to both ends and ultimately attached to an electrical component, like an LED.

There is a positive flow and a negative flow each conductive wire must lead to a match with your power source. Notice how batteries have positive and negative ends.

When the connections are made properly, the circuit will “close” and current will flow through the circuit and light the LED.

Swap ideas with friends and decide which idea to bring to life.

LEDs, batteries and a conductive material like, conductive paint, wires or copper tape. Craft, costume, or creation of your own.

Tinker With This Project & Learn How Simple Circuits Work:

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What’s In A TinkingTechy Dare

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the process many inventors and innovators use to figure out how to go from idea to launch. Whether you’re planning to create a product, digital program or hands-on game. It’s important to consider several ideas, sketch how these might work, look and feel and eventually tinker with a live version of your idea.

Every TinkingTechy Dare is centered around the Design Thinking process. To inspire girls to think of the possibilities beyond traditional crafts, art projects or coding lessons.


In true Start-Up fashion TinkingTechy’s ‘Dares’ are modeled after Hackathons. Typically, designers, programmers and engineers gather to bring to life creative ideas or solve problems collaboratively. Hackathons usually happen over the course of a few days or a weekend to promote a highly creative and “get it launched” energy.

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