STEAM Movie Review

Worth all the hype.

After waiting a few weeks for the hype surrounding this film to die-down, it didn’t – it only grew stronger, we finally decided to take to the theater and see Hidden Figures. Wow. Just wow. Was our reaction. We expected there to be this dramatic racially driven saga with some space thrown it. We got so much more.

Hidden Figures was a subtle yet heart-felt film that truly delve into the scientific process, the struggle women, namely black women faced to find and claim their prowess in STEM and ultimately the triumphs and pivotal roles they played in forwarding space exploration. We won’t spoil the film but to sound pretty cliche, we laughed, cried and stomped with joy.

IRL SuperSheroes

The best part of the film being that the amazing women portrayed in the film are real-life NASA Mathematicians and human Computers Catherine Johnson, Dorothy¬†Vaughan, and Mary Jackson – NASA’s first black female Engineer. We were left feeling inspired, reminded and motivated to continue learning more about the role women played in Space Exploration and more importantly excited to support a continued the legacy!

We were hungry for IRL details about these phenomenal women and are putting this book on our summer reading list!

Did you watch the film or Read the book? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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