Tips For Making Screen Time Safe For All Kids


Toddlers & Preschoolers

Your biggest concern, please don’t baby butt-dial or leave random emails or messages for friends, family or co-workers I’m trying to avoid.

• Swap generic apps for age appropriate apps, like Kids Youtube for Youtube.

• Do not create routines you do not wish to uphold. Let’s face it, toddlers just don’t understand.

Kinder - 2nd Grade

Your biggest concern, don’t get sucked-in, kill my data plan and fry both your brains and eyeballs.

• Keep it kid-friendly with apps like Minecraft, Angrybirds and sprinkle in some learning games like ScratchJr.

• Make sure to take the time to go through the intro, when you install, to see the exiting options and privacy settings.

• Set limits. Check if your apps, specifically games, have timers. Take the time to set them.

Tweens – (3rd – 5th Graders)

Your biggest concern, don’t get lost in the rabbit hole that follows those trendy viral videos. Boundaries and a real-talk attitude necessary.

• Watch together and have frequent conversations about what’s funny online and what the latest lingo is.

• Tweens are typically very addicted to mostly gaming apps but the desire to level up is very enticing.

• Make sure you know their friends’ online user names.


Your biggest concern, don’t fall into a creepy lurkers web. Just as much as you took the time to know their friends take the time to know their trends. 

Omg. Lol. Brb.

• Warn them about the dangers of social media; online stranger-danger, adult content and most importantly Cyber Bullying.

• Make it a point to have regular check-ins (at irregular non-predictable times.)

• Know what the kids are sayin… you don’t have to be the “cool parents” to know what the cool kids are saying. You can use sites like Urban Dictionary and NetLingo.

Have any tips or tricks tucked-in your mom jeans? Let us know in the comments below.

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