NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Annual Open House Tour Review

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab – TinkingTechy Tour Review

May 21st, 2017 we, our family and friends took a tour of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s campus at Cal Tech.

It was EPIC!

Admittedly, this was my first time and all I expected was a possible tour of mission control and the outdoor expo. All wrong. We had all access to all of the buildings, labs, machine rooms and latest projects. Rovers on rovers on rovers. Interns, Volunteers, Researchers, Engineers etc we’re all there to help guide us, answer basic to pro questions and offer up truly kid-friendly and fun experiences. We did indeed get an opportunity to visit mission control, literally the “center of the universe!” As we were reminded of all the major launches that’ve gone down… er up with mission control at the forefront. We learned about several projects that are currently taking part to research our human impact around the world. So much, we can’t get into all the details.

What was especially awesome was the energy of the JPL staff. Everyone was really excited to have us, answer questions, lead live demos and share their findings with everyone.

We had a couple key questions for the JPL Staff,

Q.1 : What type of scientist are you?

The answers surprised us every time. We’d pretty much assumed we’d be talking to only Engineers or Physicists. However, JPL staff made it very clear that it takes several talented, skilled and passionate scientists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, artists and MORE to run successful experiments, projects and educational material.

Q.2 : What do you have to do, study or learn to work at Nasa?

This was a bit more straight-forward. Have a passion for science, testing things and tinkering. Also, looking at college majors such as, math, engineering, physics, software or computer programming etc.

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Chat-Icon2Just about everyone we spoke to agreed that having a desire to always test, hypothesize and tinker with different materials was the crux of their work and research efforts at JPL and Nasa. This was definitely a can’t miss experience. We didn’t even get to visit every sector so we’re really excited to hop into the queue again next February to get tickets again. (It’s FREE by the way.) Make sure to check out their website and stay tuned for upcoming visits, or project news.

TinkingTechy-InstagramDid you visit JPL too?

We’d love to see your pictures Share them on Instagram and tag us @tinkingtechy Share your favorite experiences with us in the comments below!

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