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Paper Fortune Teller

How It Works: Paper Fortune Teller's are a simple one-sheet Origami project. After a series of folds, fancy artwork and Q & A options you have a fun instant game for you and your friends. Based on certain questions or choices the "Fortune Teller" gets opened and...

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DIY Code Bracelets

Learn how to make secret code bracelets your whole squad will love! What's the big deal with coding? Teachers, programmers and start-up owners are all ranting and raving about the importance of learning Code but what really is "Code" and why's it so dang important for...

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How To Make Slime!

It looks awesome, feels gooey and we all get mesmerized by its ability to stretch, gather, stick. We made some amaze goo at our live camp this summer and though it’s a simple mix it was one of our biggest hits. Below is TinkingTechy’s formula for how to make slime with …

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Spring STEM For Tweens

Fungineering Helmets

Build and Engineer your first wearable tech design! Pre-scored cardboard and circuit kit you can build yourself!

It’s going to make a great holiday gift, DIY challenge and a creative project to share and build together.

Introduction To Engineering

Delve into the basics of breadboard Engineering or level up if your child’s a pro!

Hackable Instructions

Start from a base kit and let your imagination design and fungineer the rest!

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News, Reviews & Events

STEAM Inspired Drawing Prompts

Dare Challenge Observe, Log and Draw! Science in real life drawing prompts. Not your average drawing prompts for kids. Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, getting out and making some fun-filled memories. We hope you're inspired to spend some time with the...

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Gender Stereotypes Still Going Strong On TV

Most Moms still think the future is going to be a man's world. According to a recent study, performed by the Common Sense Media group, parents still believe TV and Movies are heavily influencing the way boys and especially girls shape their role in society....

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JPL Tour

Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab - TinkingTechy Tour Review May 21st, 2017 we, our family and friends took a tour of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab's campus at Cal Tech. It was EPIC! Admittedly, this was my first time and all I expected was a possible tour of mission control and...

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