STEAM Inspired Drawing Prompts

Dare Challenge Observe, Log and Draw! Science in real life drawing prompts. Not your average drawing prompts for kids. Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, getting out and making some...
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Craft, Code or Tinker

How To Make Slime!

It looks awesome, feels gooey and we all get mesmerized by its ability to stretch, gather, stick. We made some amaze goo at our live camp this summer and though it’s a simple mix it was one of our biggest hits. Below is TinkingTechy’s formula for how to make slime with …

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Spring STEM For Tweens

E-Book Presale

Be first in line to purchase our very first E-Book. 30 Science ‘IRL’ (in real life) Research, Drawing & Craft Prompts and Tutorials. Download, print and use for your journal, summer bucket list or travel activity book.

Our E-book will be released August 15th, 2017! Purchase before August 15th and instantly get a free printable with 30 Drawing Prompts!

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News, Reviews & Events

Earth Day & March For Science

Let's talk about Science. On April 22nd, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people marched at the US Capitol and around the world to defend Science. It's pretty bananas that this is even necessary in this century. There's a political silencing of Science currently in the...

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Spring Dare – Fungineering Hacks

Ever wonder how inventors come up with crazy new ways to make our lives easier, faster or even healthier?  Engineering. It's not just about creating robots or twisting away at gears. Engineering is simply about using different materials to hack life's smallest to...

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Hidden Figures – Must See Movie

STEAM Movie Review Worth all the hype. After waiting a few weeks for the hype surrounding this film to die-down, it didn't - it only grew stronger, we finally decided to take to the theater and see Hidden Figures. Wow. Just wow. Was our reaction. We expected there to...

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