You might be wondering what’s the big whoop with “The Maker Movement?”

So many whoops. Making is where artists, techies, engineers and raw material visionaries gather. Rather than resting on apps to be our social jam groups of folks are gathering to make things together. Communities of Tinkering enthusiasts are coming together to explore, up-cycle and learn new and old ways of using raw materials and technology to create awesomeness.

San Diego, is definitely not behind in this trending movement. We’re hosting epic battles, community spaces and gatherings for young and old to make together. Making has been the trending outlet for getting in touch with our inner child as of late. Creating robots from scraps and circuits, tinkering with wires to create beautiful jewelry and even showing kids as young as 3 and 4 the basics of programming using fun activities and games, like scratch and the hour of code.

Probably the most glorious and exciting part of the Maker Movement is the limitlessness behind any creation. It’s true that kids and adults are learning basic S.T.E.A.M. related principles but the magic is it doesn’t feel like your general by the schoolbook learning. Its mostly tactile and experiential nature lend to the type of learning you only might have had as a preschooler.

TinkingTechy  aims to unearth some of that kid-tastic tinkering with live camps online courses and guides.

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San Diego Maker FaireJoin Us At The Maker Faire

We’ll be getting our “make on” October 3rd & 4th at the San Diego Maker Faire in Balboa Park.

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