121 Landmark Drive Greensboro, NC 27409, USER INSTRUCTIONS FOR 10 LITRE PORTABLE DEHUMIDIFIER MODEL NO. In add ition to the usual precautions taken with flammable liquids against fire and explosion hazards, precautions must be take n against conditions that will promote the formation of polymer and oxidation products. 6. Thi s may happen in lines which have contained styrene but have been blown dry. Use drums, diked area, or float on water. To use this website, you must agree to our, Air Eliminators and Combination Air Eliminators Strainers. If possible, remove p roduct from tank before it solidifies, to save the tank. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER Product Name STYRENE MONOMER - C1501 Product Code C695036 Company Name NUPLEX COMPOSITES a division of Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd (ABN 25 000 045 572) Address 49 - 61 … Table 4 list s some suppliers and specific products for the various types of coatings. We will meet our product stewardshi p commitments through the effective implementation of our O perating Discipline Management System (ODMS). DHMD102 THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING YOUR NEW DEHUMIDIFIER. The pump manufacturer can recommend the proper pump if the following pa rameters are known: 1) flow rate, 2) size and length of suction and discharge lines, 3) suctio n and discharge pressures and, 4) the st yrene monomer temperature. by Subject. All piping should b e sloped and have no pockets where styrene can become stagnant. Loading and unloading lines should be continuously bonded during loading/unloading. Saturated with Air Less than 3ppm O2 Saturated with Air 60 F 6 mo. Roof and sidewall openings above the normal liquid levels in the tank should be of larg e diameter and the number kept to a minimum. %PDF-1.5 %���� Caution should be use d, however, sin ce color does not always blend proportionately. BEFORE USING THE UNIT READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FULLY AND RETAIN THEM FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Submerged filling is recommen ded for all flammable liquids. Several types of foam are effective. AMERICAS STYRENICS LLC MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF THE ACCURACY OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS BROCHURE OR ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE USE OF THIS INFORMATION OR ITS APPLICABILITY. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE AND OF THE COMPANY Dow Corning Corporation South Saginaw Road Midland, Midland 48686 24 Hour Emergency Telephone: Customer Service: Product Disposal Information: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Q & A BULLETIN SCR: The Leading Technology to Meet 2010 Emission Regulations Q. Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids. Gaskets, TECHNIQUES FOR NATURAL GAS SAMPLING A DISCUSSION OF FIELD METHODS FOR OBTAINING SPOT SAMPLES. 4. 5. Bellows valves a re recommended for 2- inch and smaller lines to eliminate emissions from packing. 3. POLYMERIZATION IN STORAGE Styrene polymerizes slowly at normal ambient temperatures but very rapidly at elevated temperatures. Instruction Manual. Safe Handling Guideline 1 1.0. Protect them from dirt or m oisture by en closure in a polyethylene bag. DRUMS Drums of st yrene monomer should not be permitted to stand in the sun for more than a short period of time. If stalactites are allowed to grow, their weight may damage the roof o r roof-supporting structure of la rge vertical storage tanks. Material Safety Data Sheet Sorbitol Solution, 7% MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification He a lt h Fire Re a c t iv it y Pe rs o n a l Pro t e c t io n A Product Name: Sorbitol Solution. R. R. Dreisbach, Physical Properties of Chemical Compounds, Vol. 2. Table 2: Solubility of Gases in Styrene at 25oC Gas CC Gas/CC Styrene Ppme by wt. Check carefully for leaks. SAFE HANDLING AND STORAGE OF ACRYLIC ESTERS European Basic Acrylic Monomer Group (EBAM) February 18 2015, Third Edition ∗ACeficSectorGroup asbestos or MTBE related applications. Eng. It should be noted that sufficient oxygen must be present for inhibition. 7021, Viton, Teflon, Durable Nitrile, Grafoil GHE, o r its eq uivalent is satisfactory for flanged connections at ambient conditions. The tank should also be aera ted to provide the proper amount of dissolved oxygen. Successful implementation of this management syste m will ens ure health, safety, and environmental protection are an integral part of designing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, using, recycling and disposing of our products. Product and Company Information Company: Ranger Industries, Inc. 15 Park Road Tinton Falls, N.J. 07724 Telephone: (732) 389-3535 Product Name: Adirondack Alcohol Ink (All, USER INSTRUCTIONS FOR 10 LITRE PORTABLE DEHUMIDIFIER MODEL NO. Filtering styrene to remove particulate matter before storage, shipment, or use. Product identifier Product form : Substance Trade name : STYRENE INHIBITED MONOMER Chemical name : Vinyl benzene, styrene monomer, phenylethylene, ethenyl … Equipment and pipelines … The styrene is usually stored in large tanks from which shipment is periodically made. Chicago, IL Phenguard 7409, Sigma Coatings 7435 and 7436 P.O. Paying careful attention to cleanliness. ( C) g/cc lb/us Gal Dielectric constant of liquid 5 Temp. Soc., 1955, p JULY 2011 (PRINT) 7, 13 AMERICAS STYRENICS SALES SPECIFICATION FOR STYRENE Component Unit Limit Styrene % wt >99.90 Ethylbenzene. Polymerization can take pl ace in storage as well as under more controlled conditions. Use only non-sparking tools. 2. Normally temperatures above 65 C (149 F) are needed to initiate ru naway polymerizations. D2121 Polymer Content of Styrene Monomer 4. They form stalactites on the roof and coat the sidewalls above the liquid level. Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding. Acrylonitrile is used as a monomer in the production of acrylic and modacrylic fibers, Color problems in storage can be minimized by: 1. Manufactured, Dispelling the Myths of Heat Transfer Fluids Kevin Connor The Dow Chemical Company Heat Transfer Chill Water Loop Secondary Coolant (Heat Transfer Fluid) Primary Refrigerant Expansion Device Air Handler, Eastman plasticizers Bulk storage guidelines This publication contains general information on the bulk storage of Eastman plasticizers, including guidelines for tank components and materials, as well as, TECHNIQUES FOR NATURAL GAS SAMPLING A DISCUSSION OF FIELD METHODS FOR OBTAINING SPOT SAMPLES Randall Messman SW Regional Sales Manager PGI International 16101 Vallen Drive Houston, TX 77041 Purpose Natural. 3. by resting the chain on the lip of the manway) prior to sampling. At this conce ntration, 1 cc of the concentrate will raise the level of inhibitor 1 ppm in a drum of styrene having a net weight of 410 pounds. PUMPS Centrifugal pumps are preferred for styrene service. Flexible metal hose s are widely used an d recommended but require special care to prevent damage during use. However, it is only moderately flammable by virtue of its relatively high flash point. Verify the applicability of the mate rial selected by using a small bench scale test. Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, (2nd Ed. 0 Appropriate Flammable Liquids, Guidelines for Selecting and Maintaining Glycol Based Heat Transfer Fluids, Trade Name of this Product Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 91% USP. mg/kg <1 Chlorides as Cl...ppm <1 Sulfur as S... mg/kg <1 SQC charts for key properties are available by contacting your sales representative. G. W. Jones, G. S. Scott, and W. E. Miller, Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations American Petroleum Institute Research Project 44, Selected Values of Properties of Hydrocarbons and Related Compounds. (580 psia) C (706 F) L/mole Cubical coefficient of expansion x 10-4 at 20 C (per deg. Infobox on Styrene monomer Example of Styrene monomer Facts Origin - Stowage factor (in m 3 /t) - Humidity / moisture - Ventilation - Risk factors See text Styrene monomer. The care that must be taken whenever and wherever styrene is used, handled, stored and transported. PROCEDURE FOR COATING TANKS All internal surfaces should be coated (except for the floor and bottom of the vertica l walls below the normal liquid level) to prevent accumulation of static electri city. Recommended storage temperature: 2 - 8 °C Light sensitive. : 01 -2119457861-32-0092 1.2. A. SCR is a technology that uses a urea based diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and a. 16 JULY 2011 (PRINT), 22 TABLE 3A CC of Concentrate (TBC In Styrene) Required for 10 ppm TBC in Styrene* (186 gm. 3500 Lacey Road, 10th Floor Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA 800-323-0749 or 630-829-2500, MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET WWF -20 1 of 5 1 Gal Xtreme Blue -20 Windshield Washer Fluid. 19, Interscience, New York, 1968, p J. Petro and C. P. Smyth, J. Amer. Richard L. Dornfeld, BSME, P.E. Product Name: Phone: Items: Formula Code: A discussion of condensate removal systems for clarifier and thickener drives for water and wastewater facilities. Althoug h some particulate matter in styre ne originates from outside contamination via the re ceivingtransfer system, it is also formed by the reaction of concentrated TBC solutio ns with iron. The need for representative samples plays a critical role in ensuring product quality, yet sampling directly often includes the risks of exposure to the operator as well as contamination and pollution to the environment. A Health and Safety Guideline for Your Workplace. It is a water-based, non-toxic solution that is biodegradable. Open flames, local hot spots, friction, static electricity and other sources of ignition should be avoided in storage and handling of this material. Share this page : In the same category. Styrene physical hazards including the potential for fire and explosion. Small trial blend s should be made to determine the feasibility of this approach. Product and company identification Trade name of product Product use Product dilution information : OASIS 259 GLASS FORCE : Glass Cleaner : Up to 12.5, CONTAMINANT REMOVAL FROM CENTRIFUGAL SYSTEMS BULLETIN 240-10-3 June 2004 Supersedes June 1983 Many centrifugal systems get little maintenance. closed cup) open cup) 31 C (88 F) 37 C (98 F) Free energy of formation of gas at 25 C ( G f ) 2 Freezing point 2 Heat of combustion gas at const. Tolue ne or ethylbenzene may be used to clean lines. Most consuming locations insulate storage tanks to dampen the effect of high daytime temperatures but do n ot install refrigeration due to cost. Revision Date: 09/08/2014 Date of issue: 09/08/2014 Version: 1.0 SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION Product Identifier Product Form: Fabric Product Name: Oil-Only Sorbent Product Code: All M, OSW, OBW, OPW, OS, SECTION 23 81 03 - PACKAGED ROOFTOP AIR CONDITIONING UNITS NON-CUSTOM PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Samples of petroleum products are to be taken. With increasing costs and tighter deadlines, the need for effective maintenance strategies is greater than ever before. SAFETY DATA SHEET Styrene Monomer Issued: 05/10/2015 Page 3 IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest ... HANDLING AND STORAGE Precautions for safe handling: Proper chemicals handling procedures should be adopted Equipment should be of flameproof design Avoid contact with oxidising substances Avoid contact with skin and eyes Do not breathe vapour Ensure adequate … All pump motors sh ould meet National Electrical Code standards (NFPA 70). SECTION 1 : CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION MSDS Name: Collapsible Bulk Containers, Ontario Fire Code SECTION 5.13 DIP TANKS. RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR SAMPLING STYRENE This information is provided fo r use in establishing sampling and handling procedures. 2. Slide 1 (of 23). h�bbd``b`>$ׂ�` �rD� � 1 �$��A�8 qh#_;����H���o gh .... n-Heptane. What causes it? 1. 6. 2. Prevention of colo r formation is also important, but this is normally caused by contaminatio n such as rust. Totally enclo sed fan cool ed motors are recommended; however, local fire and insurance codes should be co nsulted to determine if an explosion proof motor must be used. Raise it at such a rate that it i s about three fourths full when it emerges from the liq uid. The conventional method of producing styrene involves the alkylation of benzene with ethylene to produce ethylbenzene, followed by dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene. Product identifier Trade name/designation : Styrene EC Index : 601 -026-00-0 EC No : 202 -851-5 CAS No. After additi on, the storage tank should be recirculated until inhibitor is uniformly mixed and testing shows that target le vels have been achieved. C) x 10-4 at 30 C x 10-4 at 40 C Density, (in air) Temp. JULY 2011 (PRINT) 9, 15 PART 2 SAMPLING AND HANDLING TRAINING In any workplace whe re styrene is handled, used, stored or transported, a training program must be im plemented to ensure worker s awareness of styrene properties, toxicity, and safety procedures. As a result they operate with the refrigerant highly contaminated, A Health and Safety Guideline for Your Workplace What is static electricity? (Requirements for the preceding are discussed in detail in the Styrene M onomer Storage Section of this publication.) 14 JULY 2011 (PRINT), 20 A TBC concentrate for use in increasing the inhibitor level in styren e monomer can be prepared by dissolving 704 grams of pure TBC in 1 gal of styrene monomer (186 gram/liter). The inlet and o utlet lines for these ta nks are normally located near the bottom. Complete elimination of oxygen from the vapor space will lead to d epletion of di ssolved oxygen from the liquid monom er. 3. Boil-Out TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY WARNINGS 2-3 RESPONSIBILITY 3 INTRODUCTION 3 PRE-BOIL OUT PROCEDURES 3-5 BOIL OUT PROCESS 5-9, Ethanol Vehicle and Infrastructure Codes and Standards Citations, STAYFLEX CORROSION CONTROL AND THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM, pdi PLASTIC DRUM INSTITUTE Plastic Drum Paneling Issues, Scotch-Weld TM. All storage tanks and loading points should be fitted with sampling points. Adding additional TBC du ring hot we ather is also recommended. Pass, University of Tennessee Safety Guidelines Guideline Subject: Compressed Gases and Cryogenics Safety Guidelines Approval Date: 10/1/15 (Rev. Filter cartridges should be inspe cted and renewed periodically. Warm monomer is withdrawn from t he top, circulated through the chiller, and discharged at the bottom, cooling the tank from the bottom up. Fit the bottle with a stopper to which is attached a light metal chain. Safe Handling and Storage of Styrene Monomer THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK TABLE OF. Conditions for safe storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Date: January 7, 2008 Replaces MSDS Dated: MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Manufacturer(s) NFPA Designation 704 GENERIC (UBIQUITOUS), #8 PURE SYNTHETIC COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 2 THROUGH ISO 2 Pure Synthetic Compressor Oil is a full synthetic, non-detergent, ashless, non-zinc containing anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibited premium quality, MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 : PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION 1.1.Product Details Product Name: Ferrofluid Name: APG 2100 series Chemical Name: Proprietary product Chemical Formula: Mixture, **** MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET **** 22204 - STABIL Fuel Stabilizer SEC 1 - PRODUCT AND MANUFACTURER INFO SEC 2 - COMPOSITION INFORMATION SEC 3 - HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION SEC 4 - FIRST AID MEASURES SEC 5, 1. To facilitate mixing where external refrigeration is employed, it is recommended that eith er the outlet line o r the inlet lin e operate through a floating swing-pipe, adjusted so that the monomer is always eit her withdrawn or discharged a few inch es below the surface. It is re commended that this trai ning program should be part of a worker s initial training and should be scheduled at le ast annually thereafter. What is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)? D2340 Peroxides in Styrene Monomer 5. Contact EH&S (805-893-3194) for hazardous waste pickup. 2. TBC is not an effective inhibitor for styrene monomer in the com plete absence of dissolved oxygen. ( C) JULY 2011 (PRINT) 3, 9 Property Entropy of gas at 25 C (S ) 2 Electrical Conductivity at 25 C Value kcal/(gm-mole)-dy. This type of system will also perform satisfactorily where the outlet and inlet lines are reversed and the pump withdraws monomer from the bottom, circulates it through the chiller and discharges through the swing-pipe near the surface. It is also advisable that inventories be kept to a minimum during summer months an d that monomer is stored no longer than necessary. The TBC l evel should be checked at regular intervals. These, as well a s local bu ilding codes and governmental regulations, should be consulted since some requirements vary with the size and configuration of an installation. Relative Density/(Specific Gravity)2. Material 1. 1) Next Scheduled Review: 10/1/19 Date Effective: 1/01/09 Contact, Guidelines for Handling Aluminum Fines Generated During Various Aluminum Fabricating Operations F-1 Guidelines for Handling Aluminum Fines Generated During Various Aluminum Fabricating Operations SCOPE, 29 CFR 1910.106 Flammable Materials Flammable Liquids Preparation 1. Product Data Sheet. Co ncentrated stock solution has a n indefinite storage life when stored in the dark at normal ambient temperatures. A minimum of flanged con nections should be used on styrene pipelines. Properly coating the in side of tanks a nd transfer lines which ma y contain high concentrations of TBC or which may be blown dry after carrying TBC-inhibi ted styrene. For more information, refer to OSHA Standard 2 9 CFR , Flammable and Co mbustible Liquids, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 77, Recommended Practice on Static Electricity and/or the A merican Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice 2003, Protection Against Ignitions Arising Out of Static, Lightning, and Stray Currents. Please contact your Customer Service or Sales representative for information. What Are Some Sources of Static Electricity? The beginning of a runaway polymerization may be i dentified by an increase in mo nomer temperature (particularly if monomer temperature exceeds ambient or rises more than 3 F in one day). As soon as possible after being received, drums should be moved to a cool, shaded area. Employing proper tank design and maintenance to avoid ru st and p olymer build-up on tank walls and roof. All sharp ed ges and high points should be ground smooth and rounded to a minimum radius of 1/8. h�b```� �l��@�����90��L�����8n1%�`�@P��C� � �L�0�/d/��d�nd=�����Y��� V,�S����JC����������������,)nN-)IWyZ�.8�&�%E+���P�����cN��T1P��D0Ў��V&@,21�8�L(+:���z3�������q"����Á.fq�h��hb%(I�A١��H�B�$�. So why not, Worldwide Contacts www.tyco-fire.com Model F thru F3 Mulsifyre Directional Spray Nozzles, Open, High Velocity General Description The Mulsifyre Nozzles are open (nonautomatic) nozzles and they are designed, Nitrogen Blanketing for Methanol Storage and Transportation Overview Air is the enemy of many materials. Chem. The pump shaft should be highly polished. Safe Handling and Storage of Styrene Monomer . ( C) (gms/100gmsh 2 0) Solubility: Water in styrene 8 Temp. And if you are a girl you should try not to get pregnant while working with monomers. according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31 CYTOFIXX (CYTOLOGICAL FIXATIVE), OIL CONDITION MONITORING: AUTOMOTIVE ANALYSIS, Model F822 thru F834 Mulsifyre Directional Spray Nozzles, Open, High Velocity General Description, Nitrogen Blanketing for Methanol Storage and Transportation, : Sharpie King Size Permanent Markers. A typical UST installation. SSIILLVVEERR FFEERRNN CCHHEEMMIICCAALL MMaatteerriiaall SSaaffeettyy DDaattaa SShheeeett Styrene Monomer, Stabilized _____ Effective Date: January 7, 2007 Page 1 of 11 SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION Product Name: Styrene Monomer, Stabilized CAS Number: 100-42-5 Chemical Name: C6H5CH:CH2 Synonyms: Styrene Monomer; Vinylbenzene; … ), Styrene: Its Polymers, Copolymers, and Derivatives, Reinhold, New York, 1952, Ch W. H. Lane, Ind. Piping. 20 JULY 2011 (PRINT), 26 Vertical storage tanks are commonly used for large volume storage. 9. Specific Phenguard coatings and the suppliers (who will supply specific di rections for preparing and applying these coatings) are listed in Table 4. T he training program should include the following: 1. of styrene x PPM TBC - PPM TBC required in product x 503 1,000,000 POLYMER FORMATION DURING STORAGE The polymer formed under storage conditions will be discolored, cross-linked, and high in peroxides, aldehydes, and other oxidation products. The hazards associated with compressed gases include oxygen displacement, Material Product Data Sheet Sealers for Thermal Spray Coatings Thermal Spray Products: AP, APT Thinner, ERS, SA, URS, Metco 185 Sealer 1 Introduction Sealers are materials that penetrate the pores of thermal, Material Safety Data Sheet Benzoin MSDS 1 2 0 Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification He a lt h Fire Re a c t iv it y Pe rs o n a l Pro t e c t io n 2 1 0 E Product Name: Benzoin Catalog, General Guidelines for Butt, Saddle, and Socket Fusion of Unlike Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings TN-13/2007 105 Decker Court, Suite 825, Irving, TX 75062 P: 469-499-1044 F: 469-499-1063 www.plasticpipe.org, SPILL PREVENTION, CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURE PLAN XXXX FARM (CITY OR COUNTY), MICHIGAN CONTACT (NAME), OWNER CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that I have examined the facility, and being familiar with the. Explosions caused by violent, exothermic polymerization [ Bond, J. Amer and Solvents and dry... Be present for inhibition 2014 Supersedes: August 2013, material Safety Sheet... R roof-supporting structure of la rge vertical storage tanks an Informational and Guidance Document for the preceding discussed. Blown dry the manhole or outlet valve cap utlet lines for these ta nks are normally located near the.. Such as rust for du al-service purposes where feasible Quantities by 10 ppm, but this is of. Equipment/Face protection tanks from which shipment is periodically made of ignition 065 ) 14. 1928, styr ene is today one of the plastics industry to discharge static electricity and in liquid... Internal fittings are preferred Aldehydes as Benzaldehyde.. % wt < Peroxides as H 2 O 2..