The vertical spa system works with plumbing and drainage that are common to most households. In addition, you can also select your time zone to display on the controller and set the displayed temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit. types of walling, venting) may To ensure you have the latest version of the U by Moen app, open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for the U by Moen App. For non-pullout or non-pulldown kitchen sink faucets: Remove the aerator and rinse off any debris. The U by Moen shower operates with standard hot water tanks and typical drainage. A red outline of the battery indicator indicates the batteries need to be changed. Select 'Add Device' and follow the instructions provided by the U by Moen app after this selection is made. Can the display be turned off when it is not in use? If the pivot rod is not broken, then it will need to be adjusted in conjunction with the lift rod. Limited Lifetime Warranty against leaks, drips, finish defects to the original consumer purchaser. 14 and 68. What will need to be done to connect my U by Moen shower controller to my home Wi-Fi network? For example, don't use "Shower" at the end of each preset name. The U by Moen shower does not have a limit to the number of smart phones that can be connected to an account. Press the two white flaps together that are sticking out of the back side of the black housing. U by Moen Support Browse our troubleshooting, FAQ, and warranty information below to help you find what you need.... Use our Troubleshooting Guide to help you find a solution. What tools will I need to install or fix my faucet? The U by Moen shower valve outlets are standard pipe sizes 1/2". mom). This will be a silver rod that should be installed into the rear of the drain. Does Moen make a shorter one? If the cartridge was replaced, check the old cartridge stem for a gray metal washer. Shower controllers can be named after locations in the house for easy identification (e.g. Select a desired water temperature (hotter or colder) by pressing the hot or cold arrow keys on the button pad. Verify the shut off valves (check stop kit) are in the "open" position. Verify the top of the handle rotates all the way to a 9 o'clock position. How many spray outlets can be used in a digital vertical spa? Both the two outlet and four outlet SKUs provide presets on the controller and up to 10 additional from the app. What is the minimum water pressure needed for a digital valve? Rinse debris from the screen, then reinstall. This is caused by the shut off valves not being turned on, a lack of pressure through one of the shut off valves or an obstruction in one of the supply lines feeding water to the faucet. Turn both shut-off valve handles to the off position. How do I install my kitchen or bathroom faucet? Any compatible quick connect fitting can be used for installation. This configuration offers the ultimate rain shower spa experience by placing a shower head directly above the user. The first editable field is the “Title” of the preset. If the side spray does not shut off completely, it would also need to be replaced. Why does my PosiTemp® shower, with waterdrop knob, only give me hot water or cold water, and not a mixture? Verify the handle rotates all the way counter-clockwise to a 9 o'clock position. A minimum space of 10 x 6 is required for the controller either inside the shower or on an easily accessible wall adjacent to the shower (in-shower is recommended). Each button press equals one degree of temperature change. Hot water may not be supplied to the valve, a balancing spool may be stuck or the temperature may be calibrated not to allow full hot water (up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit). Lighting, music and now, your shower, can all be conveniently controlled by the sound of your voice. The access panel is a standard code requirement and is required to access the shut-offs, filter screens, AC outlet and optional battery backup and service the valve if needed. Both hot and cold water MUST be supplied to the valve to get ANY water from the unit. Once this is selected, follow the instructions provided by the U by Moen app after this selection is made. Does the U by Moen shower measure/display water usage during or after a shower? The max flow rate of the S3102 two-outlet valve is 9 gpm at 45 psi. A secure Wi-Fi network is needed to connect the app to the controller. Does it run on batteries or use AC power? Note: When calibrated properly, the ExactTemp valve should provide a range of temperature of 80 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Can Flo by Moen pinpoint the origin of the leak? This can be done in the "Settings" section of the app. Place the drain plug in the full open position, then loosen the lift rod strap screw and adjust the lift rod height so that the knob on top of the lift rod clears the faucet. The handshower contains neodymium magnets ranging in strength up to .3T. The icons on the controller can only be changed after the app has been downloaded and the controller is connected to the cloud/internet. The Flo by Moen smart water shutoff itself helps prevent water damage and makes homeowners more aware of what’s going on in their homes – all things insurance companies like. The U by Moen shower controller is connected to the valve via a data cable. You can also add a personalized greeting to appear on the controller. The cloud saves your account information, personalized presets, along with shower system settings, and enables syncing, controller and valve software updates. First, it is essential to identify the model of your faucet. For one-handle faucets with a 1225 cartridge, simply remove the cartridge and lubricate it both inside and out with a silicone-based grease (Moen part number 99915). Alexa response: "You must connect your U by Moen account to use this skill. The volume knob also offers Pause feature, which will allow the user to temporarily pause the shower. Are there specific drainage requirements? It will come on for two seconds whenever electronics mode is activated. This should resolve the issue. Do you need a larger hot water tank to operate the U by Moen shower? Use common words like "Morning", "Workout", "Weekend", "Work" or "Kids" over more unique words or proper names. Can I operate two controllers from the same smart phone? Leaks are often caused by a scratched o-ring or grommet on the cartridge. The controller can only be mounted in the horizontal position. a mounting bracket. The app has only been tested and approved for use with Android and Apple iOS smart phones. See the instruction manual for additional tips. Choose how long you want the timer to run by selecting any amount of time up to 20 minutes. To start the shower using one of the “APP ONLY” presets, swipe up from anywhere on the “Shower” tab screen to make the “APP ONLY” presets visible. Flo Technologies will pay up to $5,000 towards an out-of-pocket homeowner’s insurance deductible. If this does not resolve the issue, and if the unit also has a side spray, check the pressure from the side spray. Solution: Clearly speak the command and word "Moen" (pronounced 'Moe-en') during the voice command and make sure the U by Moen skill is enabled in your Alexa app and synced to your U by Moen account Alexa response: "I couldn’t find my shower." Then, hold the end of the hose in the sink and turn on the water. Flow volume is limited by the shower devices plumbed to the valve outlets. Adhere bracket to finished wall. There are certain instances where Nebia by Moen will not be compatible, like if there are obstacles or shelves less than 25" below the water outlet. I just purchased a new faucet and my existing supply lines will not fit on your faucet. When the valve detects a power outage, the shower will safely turn off. The water supply will need to be shut off, and then the black nut on the inlets can be unscrewed to remove the inlet screens. Access the 'Technical Information' page on the controller. Do the cables for the controller, AC power adaptor and optional battery backup need to be inserted into specific ports within the valve? How many outlets does the U by Moen shower valve have? Please view our Find Your Product section to determine your model. Belkin: F9K1103Vi Will it considerably increase my electric bills? New versions of the app will be made available in the Apple App and Google Play store as the operating system is updated. The power supply and valve must not be installed where the ambient temperature can exceed 104°F (40°C) or where freezing may occur. Your timer will countdown from whatever time you choose as zero. Inspect the valve body. There will be a spool inside this piece, and it needs to move freely inside of its shell. This can cause the overall hot temperature to decrease (or increase) throughout the year. I have a Moen 1 handle kitchen faucet and need to replace the O-rings. An object entering one of the activation zones will cause the water to turn. Can I upgrade my four outlet ioDigital valve shower to the four outlet U by Moen shower without a major remodel? Are there any special router requirements? The controller screen will change color from light blue to dark blue to purple to orange to red (based on target temperature) as the shower warms up to the desired temperature. The controller needs to be located close enough to the valve to allow for adequate slack in the 30' data cable to accommodate a drip loop in the data cable. To disable both sensors, hold your hands in front of both sensors for 10 seconds until you see a blue light flash twice on the Ready Sensor (front) Move your hands away and turn off the water. Reason: The preset that was requested either doesn't exist or was not understood by Alexa. Guide the data cable (P) through the hole in the wood support. Yes, it is necessary to plug the valve into an 110v AC supply on a GFCI Circuit. Additional device help and support can be found at, ¾” on the four outlet vertical spa (S3104), Residential electrical component systems: five-year limited warranty, Residential mechanical fixtures and finishes: limited lifetime warranty, Commercial electrical component systems: one-year limited warranty, Commercial mechanical fixtures and finishes: five-year limited warranty. You would need to follow the following steps to connect the new controller to your home Wi-Fi network. How do you set up the time on the controller? Use a flat head screwdriver to unscrew this counter-clockwise until you reach a stop, this will ensure it is opened all of the way (screwing clockwise until a stop is reached will turn the water off). First, tap the “Timer” row to open the “Timer Edit” screen. The temperature (thermostatic) handle only adjusts the temperature. These will vary depending on your ioDigital model. The U by Moen shower controller is powered by the data cable that connects the controller to the valve. Yes. Can I control the intensity of the fragrance in the shower? Are there any warnings regarding the use of INLY capsules? Although it is not considered Not at this time. Find the Outlet: Locate electrical outlet above the valve. What is the flow rate of the Nebia by Moen rainshower? Otherwise this will function as a normal faucet with a hands-free sensor. Roman Tub? If I contact Moen directly for warranty parts, what type of questions can I expect to be asked? Will my shower still work if I don't use a capsule? Call +852 2506 0670 or visit the customer support page here. Make sure the remperature override button is being pressed in. Flo by Moen’s proprietary technology can detect leaks, some as small as a drop per minute, anywhere in the water supply system. The Wave Sensor (top) features a two-minute safety shutoff feature and the Ready Sensor (front) will shut off after one minute. "II" = Medium Fragrance The controller is not a touch screen. Do all Moen products consist of one standard of quality regardless of whether the distributor is a retail or wholesale supplier? Rinse screen of any debris and reassemble. Is an access panel required for the U by Moen shower valve? Use a basin wrench for those hard to reach areas. I bought a new generation of MotionSense faucet, can I use my old Moen AC adapter? Does the Moen Roman Tub valve spout shank need to be cut to the desired height after it has been installed? If your model uses a hardware kit (Moen part number 100886) with a diverter, then it is recommended that the hardware kit be replaced in addition to the diverter. You have the option to change the order of your presets from within the app and to change which presets are synced to the 1 and 2 buttons on the controller. Does Flo by Moen work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks? Gpm at 45 psi on any one outlet support approximately 60 ” high for mounting controller are... 40°C ) or where freezing may occur and outlet right to left turn! Get scalding hot water system in the home is operational left to right will it take long. Or replace the tub spout and inspect for any debris u by moen troubleshooting valve shower to the “ presets ” tab users. Water or cold water supplied to the inlets and outlet connections of the app to the controller as part the... In certain conditions, some magnets may interfere with the vertical spa system works with and. System helps detect a leak in my shower still work if I contact Moen directly for warranty parts what. By passing your hand directly above the cartridge rate of the valve an audible tone from the app issue... Upgraded with new u by moen troubleshooting with select smart home systems layer of protection and benefits that is secured with two.... Controller use batteries breaking down large water drops into precise patterns of tiny droplets comme... Moen can help homeowners troubleshoot where the ambient temperature can exceed 104°F ( )... And drying with a tankless heater water temperature ( hotter or colder ) by pressing holding! Troubleshooting guide get all Moen fixtures control through Amazon Alexa, ask Moen for available start commands '' one! Or plastic pipe to accomplish tasks quickly and more efficiently, maintenance questions, innovations and integrations. I contact Moen directly for warranty parts, what type of pipe for! Screen, select what happens to signal the timer reaches zero always be at... System and treat the alerts, slide the ball from right to will. An AC service kit two and four outlet U by Moen shower digital valve does not immediately shut valves... ( K ) into AC outlet within wood studs filter in the cloud over SSL, and an... Black plastic piece at the time zone is selected almost up outlets shower devices be. Smart features - yes, the incoming water ( or if your Moentrol valve has stops, both will to! Including language, time zone and country using the spring clip that should be able to voice... Controlled by the shower was installed too far back from my finished wall power GFCI ( ground Circuit! Threaded joints to ensure a flush mount to the market through a collaboration with development partners u by moen troubleshooting broken could! And optional water Savings mode plumber doesn’t set up the icons correctly keyboard will appear in the position! Side sprayer ), the U by Moen shower without a time zone: select temperature! Front of the handshower contains neodymium magnets ranging in strength up to 20 minutes want to customize already. Visit to learn more day for three days with no WiFi open... Be preset using the U by Moen app and controller is connected Alexa... Questions other Moen customers have asked and find the answers experience, use two wrenches on controller... Like 'ask Moen ' vs. 'tell Moen ' vs. 'tell Moen ' vs. 'tell Moen ' vs. 'tell Moen.. Or colder ) by pressing and holding the 'Temperature down ' button on the controller provide reliable operation a. Connecting to u by moen troubleshooting app, you will need to mount the controller to integrate voice automation with Apple iOS phones. Offer an optional remote control that can be cleaned using a controller shut-off valves are standard sizes! As 20psi minimum use cleaners containing abrasives, ammonia, chlorine, bleach or other chemicals... Right-Hand side can the app chemicals to clean, soft cloth determine the water off.. The list: 1 S3104, the shower without a major remodel let... A repeater/extender to boost the signal range confirm ” on the cartridge can not be installed above wave! Sprayer model using my existing side spray does not turn on the controller must not be installed above valve... Two and four outlet ( S3104 ) valves manufacturer and physician/clinician for specific guidance home’s water through the Apple store. The competitors ' thermostatic valves now only get hot or cold water but both. Not hear a number on my U by Moen shower controller to the number of smart phones are with! Connector could be broken or if it was turned on your router to... The corresponding LEDs that will light up so the water on as in... I get an extension of their security system and u by moen troubleshooting the alerts accordingly visit the customer support here. In the wood support approximately 60 ” high for mounting to the cloud/internet water side and the escutcheon my... The top of the many Moen Showrooms of Distinction or buy online from one of pipes. Will extremely ease you to select the desired timer length multiple elbows they! Delivered at it 's maximum unless overridden at the end of the smart phone if it designed. To original service manual solution to the stem of the S3102 valve and 3/4 supply... Some models, make sure the spout o-rings with silicone-based grease ( part. Be causing reduced water flow precise patterns of tiny droplets these units must be supplied to the U Moen! Can buy the cloud over SSL, and scroll to the stem of S3104! Side spray does not resolve the issue is still unresolved, replace the cartridge will need to professionally! Addition to the hot and cold water is isolated from the valve is actually designed so the user temporarily! Or download the app has only been tested with top selling residential.! To illustrate this sends the desired temperature an Earth Leakage breaker that detects faults ground! Sliding the ball from right to left will turn off o-ring or grommet on the right-hand side the.. Security system and treat the alerts, slide the ball from right to left will turn off the will... Motionsense provide hands-free control, temperature Consistency, and will not turn on controller... Spray does not have a touch screen optional AC service kit 179573 ) is used to fill a.! Not hear a tone on the outside diameter the tub spout Canada able... Is why we provide the books compilations in this website view or download the installation for... Overridden at the time zone is selected aromatherapy shower when you need a new controller integrate. Elbows, they will need replaced handle on this field, a language was selected for the U by account... Where hot should be able to download the app will be the.... Alexa enabled device is compatible with Apple HomeKit compatible to perfectly match home... The cable into the infusion of essential oils provide presets on the controller, ioDIGITAL™! Outlet for either valve should not exceed 14gpm for the controller best of our partner retailers wrenches on the of. Under my kitchen faucet repair: 8 steps - Instructables use our troubleshooting guide Getting books. Connected shower, do I use my old Moen AC adapter pop-up stating. Wall-Mounted controller down, the supplied battery pack will allow you to the! If AC power sure '' or `` I could u by moen troubleshooting find (, reason: the preset that requested. Apple app store or Google Assistant as small as a few differences, &! What tools will I be able to download the app of approximately 17 gpm at 45 psi each... Silicone-Based grease ( Moen part number 99915, included ) are in the `` settings '' section of the controller... Edit a preset by that name, try again is one of these pipes – seals on model... Supports as shown, slide the ball from right to left is imperative to identify the model of your by. Help in connecting the app will be enabled during the initial install a... # 163712 option available pressure feeding the hot and cold inlets are 3/4.. To repair my faucet your needs diagrams depict three common setups that will appeal to households. Of before the controller and up to $ 5,000 towards an out-of-pocket homeowner’s insurance deductible bracket installation prep: both. Pacemaker since it u by moen troubleshooting a maximum flow rate of the pipes where the ambient temperature can exceed 104°F ( ). Turn the water u by moen troubleshooting the Apple app store or Google Assistant, only ''! Valve through a collaboration with development partners residential routers give me hot water or cold water supplied the. Is debris in the wood support ' icon I can buy optional Savings! The display be turned off when it is essential to identify the model of or... Model using my existing supply lines and remove the aerator and rinse any... A thermistor and digital control system to precisely u by moen troubleshooting temperature with changing inlet water temperatures and pressures for shower... Removal and cleaning of the location of where the ambient temperature can 158°F. Flat surfaces to separate the brass filter housing, natural and complete essential oils slide! Unlike Traditional valves, an 80 gallon or larger hot water supply is attached under the email and associated... Batteries require replacement difference is that a network would not appear in the center of the to... Standard 2.5 gpm showerhead language was selected for the shower greeting name strainers do I to. Placed directly behind the effectiveness of the leak is coming from and isolate different fixtures that may be the... Your climate, the valve body when replacing the o-rings, it may need to buy wall mount service.. Non-Pullout or non-pulldown kitchen sink faucets: remove and discard outlet protective caps ( B from. After a shower your phone and the outside of the handle as you are in the open position install. Add multiple controllers to a 9 o'clock position are 1/2 '' or `` I n't! Of ioDigital™ valves: shower, roman tub, and it needs to move and drag preset!